Case Study: ViewRay MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy

Medical device design for precision targeting of tumors

Sketch of ViewRay MRI medical device design
Rendering of ViewRay MRI equipment innovation

Medical Product Design for Improved User Experience

ViewRay to enhance the patient experience, considering everything the patient sees and feels. Drawing on our medical product development experience with MRI equipment and other medical devices, Nottingham Spirk’s team of medical product innovation experts designed a medical device with the following characteristics:

  • Soft forms and a highly adjustable bed to help make the entire procedure more comfortable and beneficial
  • External housing designed to minimize the view of the rotating internal components, allow for a wide range of movement, and is easy to wipe down
  • A system that can be disassembled to move through ordinary doors, greatly reducing costs for hospitals

 A full-scale ViewRay MRIdian® machine was built and tested in the Nottingham Spirk Innovation Center’s state-of-the-art prototyping studio. Our Vertical Innovation™ process protected the intellectual property of this medical product innovation.

To learn more, discover Nottingham Spirk’s medical device design services and our InnovateMD program.

ViewRay MRI-guide radiation therapy logo

Our ViewRay design, an MRI-guided radiotherapy system, replaces the “hit and miss” of traditional radiation therapy with precision targeting of tumors.

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