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As an innovation consulting company, we develop ideas that generate revenue and create jobs
About Nottingham Spirk - We Generate IP with Over 1,250 Patents
About Nottingham Spirk - $50B in Growth
Nottingham Spirk - 47 Years of Experience in Bringing Innovations to Market
About Nottingham Spirk - 100% Assigned IP

For over 47 years, Nottingham Spirk has a track record of delivering thousands of successful new products and businesses for the top 100 CPG and medical device companies with proven ROI — Return On Innovation™.

If you know the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush, the Swiffer Sweep + Vac, or the Sherwin-Williams Twist & Pour™ paint container, then you know Nottingham Spirk. We’re a leading business innovation consulting firm, and we have created or designed hundreds of products that change the way we all live and work. These products transform businesses, too. Over 47 years, we have generated more than $50 billion in revenue and more than 1,250 patents for companies around the globe. Many of our engagements result in multiple patents and several additional revenue streams—all for one client.

Our Business Innovation Center

We do this from a 60,000 square-foot Innovation Center in Cleveland, where we have people with multiple areas of expertise—customer research, branding, engineering, rapid prototyping, three-dimensional design esthetics, manufacturing sourcing, and more. This cross-fertilization leads to incredible creativity—what we call an ability to see the unseen. It also helps us take products from concept to commercialization in an average of 12 months—unusually fast.

Consumer and Medical Product Innovation

We specialize in consumer, healthcare and business product innovation. In our medical innovation practice, which we call InnovateMD™, we’ve been involved in many other product design firsts. We’ve taken some of the fear factor out of MRIs by developing one of the first ergonomic MRI scanners with patient comfort in mind. Our ViewRay design, an MRI-guided radiotherapy system, replaces the hit and miss of traditional therapies with precision targeting of tumors.

We’ve just expanded InnovateMD to help our clients take advantage of a huge growth opportunity—innovating healthcare products for consumers to use at home. As people live longer and are prone to more chronic conditions, they will be driven to buy these products to manage their own healthcare. In fact, analysts at IHS expect that the global market for consumer medical devices will exceed $10 billion by 2017.

Developing medical products that consumers will embrace—at a price they’re willing to pay—requires specialized expertise. We believe that our deep experience in both consumer and healthcare innovation will give our clients an advantage here.

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