Zurn Faucets

Innovative modular design for easier faucet installation
Zurn Faucets
Zurn Aquasense

Zurn, manufacturer of engineered water solutions, came to Nottingham Spirk for answers to two questions: Why was the company losing share in the commercial sensor (hands-free) faucet market, and what would help get it back? Our product development strategy began by interviewing plumbers, construction engineers and developers. We learned that competitors were gaining ground with more modern aesthetics — specifically, slimmer designs. We also found that Zurn faucets were considered harder to install.

On the plus side, the Zurn brand enjoyed a reputation for quality and reliability. Part of that came from a state-of-the-art sensor system, so our first challenge was to streamline the appearance of the faucet without reducing the effectiveness of the sensor. We also moved the sensor out of the user’s sight, to reduce incidents of accidental or intentional damage.

Inspired by the feedback from plumbers, we introduced a new concept in faucets, modular design. This allows for easier installation, as well as repairs; various parts can be replaced without detaching the water line or fumbling around underneath the countertop. Even the “skin” can be replaced, to change the appearance of the faucet in less than a minute.

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Inspired by insights gained from plumbers, we introduced a new concept in faucets, modular design.

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