UroSense Wireless Urine Monitoring

Provides real-time data to nurses and physicians
UroSense Wireless Urine Monitoring
UroSense Wireless Urine Monitoring

Intensive-care nurses spend more than 30 minutes of each shift on urine monitoring functions and have to handle various pieces of medical equipment, which at times can get messy. Future Path Medical came to us with the challenge to develop a next-generation urine monitoring system that allows nurses to focus on patient needs rather than the tedious monitoring of urine functions.

The UroSense system our innovative team designed is a disposable sensor-enabled urine container attached to a catheter. It replaces manual pouring and measuring with sensors that read flow rate, fill level and temperature and transmit that data wirelessly. The software enables a “command center” with a view of multiple beds, along with a history for all of the data collected. It also has programmable alerts that include temperature spikes, urine output, and critical replacement alarms.

Home healthcare systems are also available.

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UroSense™ Urine Management System provides real-time data to nurses and physicians, as well as providing hourly charting data and trending history graphing.

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