Case Study: Tap King Draft Beer System

An innovative consumer product for a premium draft beer experience at home
Tap King Beer Dispenser System designed by Nottingham Spirk
Tap King consumer product innovation developed by Nottingham Spirk

Despite a worldwide renaissance in beer brewing and consumption, the options for in-home draft-pour systems remained expensive, inconvenient and inaccessible to all but the most dedicated enthusiasts. So we set out to bring draft beer into the home at a low price and with no entanglements involving installation or refills.

The Tap King is a two-part, durable-disposable consumer product innovation that fits in virtually any refrigerator. The durable is the dispenser head, which features an integral pre-set pressure regulator and multiple layers of fool-proofing mechanisms to ensure easy use right from the start. The dispenser interlocks with a bottle and custom cap (the disposable) to create a CO2-push beer system exactly like a full-keg system.

Learn more about our consumer product design industry expertise and Nottingham Spirk’s approach to innovation.

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The Tap King Home Draft Beer System is a way to give consumers a higher-end, premium beverage experience without the premium price.

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