Case Study: Onki Desktop Storage Safe

How a designer's tutorial became an "accidental" consumer product innovation
Onki Desktop Storage Solution
Onki Desktop Storage Safe for personal items

The Development of a Consumer Product Concept

While leading a Photoshop tutorial for interns, designer Dave Pehar created an image of a cylindrical container with a lid. When his colleague, open innovation director Evan Spirk, asked what it was supposed to be, he explained that it could serve as a desktop locker for small personal items, like keys. “On-demand key storage,” he called it. Dave and Evan worked together to develop and refine the concept and Onki was born.

Onki provides secure storage and quick access for frequently used items like keys, wallet, money or smartphone. The lid serves as a tray for items that you would like to keep easily accessible. The lid also raises and rotates, by pushing a button, to store items inside. Onki can be locked with a key, and can also be used with a Kensington lock (sold separately) to secure it to a table or desk. It’s equally suited for offices, college dorms and homes.

Onki was taken through several rounds of design refinement and testing to align with consumers’ needs and preferred price point. It is now available in select Walmart stores.

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Onki Desktop Storage Safe

The Onki Desktop Storage and Safe system began as a Photoshop tutorial for interns, then became an “on-demand key storage” concept.  After several rounds of design refinements and consumer research, it’s now available at Walmart.

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