Naväge Nose Cleaner

Improving a consumer home healthcare device
Navage Nose Cleaner and Salt Pods
Navage Nose Cleaner

Naväge asked Nottingham Spirk to develop a second generation of its battery-operated nasal irrigator, used by people suffering from sinus infections, allergies and similar ailments. The original version, while effective, was inconvenient; it required assembly for each use, leaked easily and lacked flow control. The packaging was also bulky and expensive to produce, due to the 8-ounce bottles of diluted saline solution.

Our design replaced the bottles with small pods of concentrated saline that snap in place. This simplified use, eliminated leaking and reduced the size of the package. We also added valving for flow regulation, improved the appearance and ergonomics of the case and devised a new pump to replace the one that Naväge had been purchasing from a third party.

One new feature was a pleasant surprise for Naväge executives. On the original model, users had to detach, turn and re-attach the nasal dock in order to alternate nostrils (the saline solution flows into one and is drawn out the other). Naväge had assumed this was unfixable, but we developed a rotating base for the dock that turns easily and clicks securely into place.

Since the redesign, consumer reviews of Naväge have been overwhelmingly positive.

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Naväge partnered with Nottingham Spirk to improve the appearance and ergonomics of a home healthcare device.

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