Case Study: Mueller Electric

Streamlined solder station dramatically improves productivity


Mueller Electric Solder Station
Mueller Electric Solder Station

Mueller Electric’s newly designed industrial solder station dramatically improves productivity and quality by streamlining the traditional 3-step soldering process into one precisely controlled action.

Mueller Electric Company, a leading supplier of electronic test and measurement equipment components, wanted to improve the factory’s soldering process to increase efficiency, reduce errors and eliminate the need for operators to perform multiple steps simultaneously. They came to Nottingham Spirk with a basic concept for a solder station and asked our team of innovators to translate the design into a realistic working model.

The re-designed fixture-free solder station is managed via an electronically-operated foot pedal that frees the operator’s hands. Temperature and positioning features improve process control for a consistent joint every time.  The new workstation also includes a built-in exhaust fan that extracts potentially hazardous lead oxide fumes, effectively improving worker safety at minimal cost.  The result of these innovations is a dramatic increase in productivity and quality plus a significant improvement in the overall work environment.

Our engineers designed ten potential concepts, considering all of the possible functions and exploring ways to optimize interaction between the operator, the station and the parts. Once Mueller selected a design, we refined all the mechanisms and ensured a high-quality, cost-effective industrial production process.

In partnership with Nottingham Spirk, Mueller Electric introduced an innovative new workstation that redefines and simplifies the soldering process, increasing their customers’ manufacturing productivity by up to 300%.

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Innovative workstation redefines and simplifies the soldering process, increasing productivity by up to 300%

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