Case Study: Medtronic CardioInsight EC VUE Cardiac Mapping Vest

Medtronic CardioInsight EC VUE’s breakthrough medical device design leads to growth in cardiac mapping
CardioInsight EC Vue Vest

CardioInsight, a medical device company, partnered with Nottingham Spirk to design a breakthrough technology to improve diagnosis and treatment of electrical disorders of the heart.

Their original prototype vest with over 250 electrodes was a 15 pound medieval-looking garment strewn with wires. They approached us, interested in leveraging our creative design skills, and we worked together to create a lightweight, disposable cardiac vest with 250+ printed circuits that is comfortable, easy to put on and allows the patient mobility to navigate through the procedure.

In addition to designing, developing and engineering this breakthrough medical device, Nottingham Spirk’s team of innovators created the new corporate branding, including the logo for CardioInsight and their new EC Vue cardiac mapping product identity. To support and promote the new product as it was introduced to medical professionals, Nottingham Spirk also created the animation demonstrating the functions of the product, helped design the graphic user interface, and launched the website.

The CardioInsight EC Vue cardiac vest received a Gold Edison Award and was an IDEA Finalist. In 2015 Medtronic acquired CardioInsight for $93 million plus earnout.

Learn more about the InnovateMD™ program behind Nottingham Spirk’s successful medical device design expertise.

Medtronic logo

CardioInsight’s EC VUE electrocardiographic mapping system replaces an invasive procedure with a low cost disposable.

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