Case Study: Huntingdon Telemedicine Cart

A complete office in a lightweight, portable design for consultations in real time


Huntingdon Telemedicine Cart healthcare product innovation designed by Nottingham Spirk
Huntingdon Telemedicine Cart in use

In 2012 Thomas E. Uttley, MD, a psychiatrist with a large clinical practice, took an interest in the then still-emerging field of telemedicine. He found nothing that came close to what he envisioned, which was something more transportable than the COWs (computer on wheels) common in hospitals but with more capabilities than the devices that EMTs carry in the field to read and transmit vitals. In short, he wanted a mobile telemed cart for remote consultations in real time. After some initial attempts at building a prototype, Dr. Uttley brought the challenging project to Nottingham Spirk.

The Design Challenges

Our designers and engineers quickly identified the first challenge: weight. To be truly transportable, the cart would have to be light enough to be lifted by most adults. When an early model weighed in at 75 pounds, the team decided to redesign the cart as two pieces. NS associates with young children brought in their strollers, so the team could study how they collapse and reset. They then built an all-clear, plexiglass version of the new design, to see how the internal moving parts would work together during assembly and disassembly.

With a feasible design in the works, the engineers focused on the considerable electronic demands, including high-quality video and sound, so that doctor and patient could see and hear each other clearly; ports for a laptop and printer; WiFi capability; and a lightweight but long-lasting battery (this required numerous power-consumption studies). Prototypes were tested by medical professionals in various locations, and their feedback led to numerous refinements.

The Recognition & Results

Dr. Uttley’s company introduced the Huntingdon Telemed cart at the American Telemedicine Association EDGE Conference, where the most common remark was, “I’ve never seen anything like this!” The unit is currently in use within a rural county health system in Florida, providing valuable feedback. The target markets for the initial launch are skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, but there’s been interest from a wide variety of other sectors which will be considered for their long-term approach.

“Nottingham Spirk was very easy to work with,” says Christy Sendra, Huntingdon’s Director of Operations. “They could take our ideas and expand on them and that was incredibly helpful. We had a vision, but Nottingham Spirk had the skill set to bring it to life.


To learn more, discover Nottingham Spirk’s medical device design services and our InnovateMD program.

Huntingdon Telemed Logo: healthcare product innovation

Huntingdon Telemed came to us with a vision and leveraged the Nottingham Spirk team’s skill set to bring the revolutionary, fully transportable Telemedicine Cart to life.

Huntingdon Telemedicine Cart compact design for easy transport

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