B2B Design Case Study: Eco Friendly Surface Cleaner

A revolutionary product innovation to remove germs

Design of B2B ecofriendly surface cleaner
Closeup of ecofriendly surface cleaner product innovation

The Challenge

A technology partner came to Nottingham Spirk with an innovative technology that adds an electrical charge to ordinary tap water, transforming it into a powerful cleanser that effectively removes germs without harmful chemicals. They had a groundbreaking technology but needed an experienced new product development partner to leverage that technology and develop it into a market-ready product.

The New Product Development

Drawing on our experience in consumer product innovation, we designed an intuitive handheld device that incorporates the unique technology. The result: a familiar-looking, easy-to-handle product that provides hospitals, restaurants and other commercial facilities with a safe, chemical-free, money-saving alternative to industrial cleaning products.

Our innovation team designed the cleaner from the inside out, ensuring it was efficiently assembled and constructed with the highest quality materials. Because it would be used in demanding commercial settings including hospitals, restaurants, and schools, we made sure the design would be durable enough to withstand ongoing heavy use.

B2B Product Design Success

This renewable cleaning device eliminates the expense, environmental impact and inventory hassles of traditional chemical-based commercial cleansers. The product innovation has been selected for Aramark’s “Blue Cleaning” program, which is helping businesses minimize their environmental footprint and increase safety, productivity, and convenience.

Learn more about Nottingham Spirk’s trusted approach to innovating product design and development.

Nottingham Spirk is co-designing a revolutionary eco friendly surface cleaner that transforms ordinary tap water into a powerful cleaning agent that eliminates 99.9% of harmful germs including H1N1 and E coli.

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