Delphinus SoftVue System

Innovations to increase patient comfort
Delphinus SoftVue System
Delphinus SoftVue System
Delphinus approached us with their concept for SoftVue™, a new breast imaging technology with no pain or compression experienced by the patient. Our challenge with this medical equipment was to design and build two prototypes of a patient table, cushion, and flexible membrane with focus on system compatibility and FDA-compliance. Maximized radiologist’s access to anatomy of interest while increasing ease of patient ingress/egress, comfort and minimizing intimidating factors. Nottingham Spirk delivered a solution which provides improved access for imaging, refined friendly aesthetics and most importantly, patient comfort. SoftVue™ has received FDA clearance for diagnostic imaging purposes. The systems are currently in clinical trials at the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit.
SoftVue Logo
SoftVue’s elegant design, purposely for women, brings a gentler, safer and softer imaging solution.

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