Case Study: Country Pure Chiller

Innovative retail display design increases sales
Country Pure innovative retail display design by Nottingham Spirk
Country Pure point of sale display increases sales

Point-of-Sale Innovation

The Country Pure Chiller innovation redefined beverage presentation and location to increase brand visibility and in turn, generate significantly higher sales.

Country Pure Foods, one of the top independent juice processors, wanted to increase its sales in convenience stores. They asked Nottingham Spirk to develop an innovation strategy that would differentiate them from other products in the crowded beverage market without altering their carton format.

A Radically New Retail Display Design Increases Sales

The Nottingham Spirk team of researchers, designers and engineers began by performing an industry analysis and by examining existing formats. Once they understood the existing conditions and challenges, they developed a design that provided Country Pure with a radically new display that was easy for convenience store operators to use. Our engineers designed a patented technology that could quickly chill drinks without using Freon, water, or ice, and keep Country Pure’s juices at a constant cool temperature. During prototyping and feasibility testing, the design was continuously refined until the final Chiller had a compact footprint, was powered using a standard 110-volt outlet, and required no maintenance.

Our innovation team invented a unique refrigerated countertop display design that enabled Country Pure to pull their juices out of the crowded beverage coolers at the rear of the store and instead be at the front of the store near the cash register. This new ‘grab-n-go’ placement provided an exclusive showcase for Country Pure and triggered point-of-sale purchases.

The Chiller point-of-sale innovation enabled Country Pure to stand out from their competitors and increase sales.

Learn more about Nottingham Spirk’s expertise in the retail experience design industry, as well as our innovation approach.

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‘Grab-n-go’ placement provided an exclusive showcase for Country Pure and triggered point-of-sale purchases.

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