Case Study: Cleveland Clinic 360-5 Wellness Program Retail Experience

Bringing a wellness concept to market through retail design

Cleveland Clinic 360-5 Retail Design
Cleveland Clinic 360-5  wellness store interior

The Challenge

When Cleveland Clinic came to the designers at Nottingham Spirk, they already had a blueprint: leverage 90 years of world-class healthcare delivery into a wellness concept that promoted preventative care through education, actionable ideas and a variety of approved products available online and via retail storefronts.

Before they could take their new wellness concept to market, however, they needed a brand that communicated their healthcare legacy in an accessible retail experience. Knowing our extensive background in both healthcare and retail design, the Clinic came to Nottingham Spirk’s creative innovation team to develop the brand.

The Retail Design Solution

Working alongside the Clinic’s marketing department, our creative team of designers developed the name 360-5 to convey the concept’s mission of providing tools to live 360 degrees of wellness, 365 days a year.  

Next, we drew our visual design experience and designed the logo for the department, which combined the Clinic’s trademark blue and green insignia with a stylized typeface in keeping with a consumer-focused and welcoming retail environment.

Before starting any brand development, Nottingham Spirk’s creative team first conducted research to understand emerging market trends and determine relevant success criteria. They then applied this broader view of the consumer mindset and preferences to the Clinic’s specific branding challenge. In collaboration with the Clinic’s marketing group and Dr. Michael F. Roizen, Cleveland Clinic Chief Wellness Officer and New York Times bestselling author, Nottingham Spirk designed brand elements that captured the Clinic’s unique holistic package of mind, body and food solutions.

Outcomes of the Clinic’s Retail Wellness Experience

The 360-5 name and logo are now the recognizable symbols of an innovative wellness concept that promotes its mission of preventive care,  through and healthy diet, exercise, and mind-body awareness via two retail locations, a rich online presence and a full array of education and lifestyle programs.

Learn more about Nottingham Spirk’s expertise in the retail experience design industry, as well as our innovation approach.

Cleveland Clinic 360-5 Logo

Cleveland Clinic’s 360-5 Wellness Program enables the Clinic to leverage its world-class health care expertise in an entirely new retail-focused direction.

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