Axe/Lynx Bullet

The first pocket aerosol dispenser
Axe Pocket Aerosol
Axe Bullet Pocket Aerosol

Designing the first palm-sized pocket aerosol dispenser was challenging enough. But to reside in the pants pockets of young men, the spray head needed a clever lockout mechanism. To attain the unprecedented small size, many sealing and dispensing challenges needed to be overcome to make it a marketable consumer product. Even the client was skeptical of this new idea, but our creative packaging design team pulled it off.

The retail price had to remain in impulse-buy range, so Nottingham Spirk helped to develop the supply chain. The blended team of our product designers and engineers helped Unilever by taking numerous trips to Japan, Australia, the UK and Thailand to help create efficient production methods for tens of millions in annual unit volume.

The patented Axe/Lynx Bullet invention opened up new business channels and promoted point-of-sale purchases at checkout counters, videogame stores, airports, even vending machines — and is helping to foster a new generation of male fragrance users. Known as the Axe Bullet in the US and the Lynx Bullet in other countries, this packaging design innovation is a worldwide favorite.

This open innovation product line is protected by 5 Nottingham Spirk developed and issued patents and several more U.S. and international patents pending for Unilever.

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The challenge was to create the first palm-sized aerosol dispenser small enough to reside in pants pockets. The client was skeptical of this new idea, but our creative team pulled it off.

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