Case Study: atHand Overbed Table System

How the NS PathFinder process resulted in a home healthcare product
atHand Overbed Table System for home healthcare
atHand Overbed Table for comfort and convenience in the home

The atHand Overbed Table System is the only adjustable bedside table with built-in lights, power, USB and storage. It keeps everything conveniently in reach, bringing independence, safety and comfort to a bedside or chair. This durable, adjustable table is ideal for anyone experiencing temporary or long-term limited mobility.

NS PathFinder Process Identifies Market Opportunities

We worked on this project with client-partner Integrant, a manufacturer of high-end injection-molded plastics, through our PathFinder Innovation Identification process. PathFinder is a three-month program designed to analyze white space areas that leverage a company’s core competencies while identifying gaps for full market potential. The process is highly adaptable to the client-partner. In the case of Integrant, we knew our starting point was a material, plastic. And because plastic is so versatile, we initially were able to identify 30 potential markets. Using custom-designed decision matrices, we scored and ranked those options to eight, then two.

From there, NS’s vertically integrated team — market researchers, designers and engineers — visited stores and showcases, conducted subject matter expert interviews, and attended industry conferences to identify promising sub-categories within the chosen fields; evaluate existing products within them; and find the pain points that those products don’t address.

Ideation Sessions Result in a Home Healthcare Product

NS used these inputs to drive ideation sessions that generated dozens of potential product concepts, and Integrant chose what would ultimately become the atHand Table as the winning concept. The bedside table market had changed little in many years; few offered anything more than a flat surface, despite market trends that included home healthcare and aging in place.

Once the winning concept was identified, Integrant worked closely with Nottingham Spirk on a Vertical Innovation™ program to further design, develop and validate the concept with end users, and then manufacture the final product.

On Amazon, the atHand table has earned almost all 4- and 5-star reviews. As we had learned in consumer testing, people whose conditions require them to spend a lot of time sitting or lying in bed welcome any chance to regain some independence, as this Amazon shopper comment illustrates: “Looked for a side cabinet with tray table for my elderly father for a long time. He likes to keep his favorite things stashed nearby and this table has been perfect. He likes to do things for himself, and this table system supports those efforts.”


To learn more, discover Nottingham Spirk’s medical device design services and our InnovateMD program.

atHand Overbed Table System logo

Client-partner Integrant wanted options for new ventures. Our PathFinder Innovation Identification Process resulted in the atHand, the only adjustable overbed table with built-in lights, power, USB and storage.


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