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Nottingham Spirk Program Offerings

Whether your company is looking for a way to generate ideas or identify opportunities within an industry, or already has an innovation that needs development, you can find unique offerings to meet your needs with our innovation and product development firm.

Nottingham Spirk’s Innovation Program Offerings

NS Innovation Workshops
NS PathFinder Program
Vertical Innovation Development
Commercialization Assurance

NOTE: Program timelines may vary due to complexity.

Rapid Growth Programs

Our popular 2-day Innovation Workshops are highly-interactive business workshop sessions designed to generate fresh perspectives and new thinking, resulting in idea generation for further development. The NS PathFinder™ program is a proven process designed to identify white space opportunities for growth, resulting in a “product roadmap” for further development.

Vertical Innovation™ Product Development

When client-partners have an innovation concept or category idea but need to develop and bring it to market, Nottingham Spirk offers a unique product design and development process known as Vertical Innovation, in which all phases of a project are conducted at our Innovation Center. From consumer and market research to product design and engineering to prototyping and testing, our in-house experts handle it all, ensuring confidentiality, reduced cost and increased speed-to-market.

Commercialization Assurance

Nottingham Spirk’s Commercialization program offers go-to-market support for client-partners that need help with engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing oversight. Our sourcing and manufacturing team is involved throughout the product development process to ensure that your final product is perfect.

Patent Strategy

Patents are one of our biggest areas of expertise. With over 1,200 patents placed on behalf of our clients, we are experts in applying for and receiving patents in a timely manner. Our patent experts take care of everything, from researching the intellectual properties at play in your design, determining the type of patent that you need, and coordinating your application process.

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