Vertical Innovation™ Product Development Process

At the Nottingham Spirk Innovation Center
Nottingham Spirk Vertical Innovation™ Process

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Working with Nottingham Spirk has changed our business. Without them our fastest timeline was 18–36 months. Since working with Nottingham Spirk, we’ve done things in less than 12 months.

Jeff Johansen

Director of Marketing, Reynolds Brands

Our Unique Approach: Vertical Innovation™

Everything about Nottingham Spirk is organized around our Vertical Innovation™ product development process and real-time innovation training. Our Innovation Center in Cleveland, Ohio is large enough to house every resource and every type of product development and commercialization expertise that our project teams need:

  • User Research
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Business Strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Biomedical, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
  • CAD Development
  • Sourcing & Manufacturing Coordination
  • Patent Strategy
  • Prototype Development
  • Software Information Architecture
  • User Experience

Vertical Innovation Teams

With all the above in one place, we can assemble versatile, multidisciplinary project teams that bring varied experiences and perspectives to each new venture. We build these Vertical Innovation teams according to the demands of the project, and work together at every stage from ideation through product launch. Designers and engineers sit in on focus groups, market researchers weigh in on prototypes, and any of them might visit the manufacturing factory floor.

Such seamless integration with the entire product development and commercialization process ensures that no opportunity to improve on the original design or to control costs will be missed. But we’re not just thorough; we’re fast.

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