PathFinder™ Brand Innovation Identification Process

A 3-month brand innovation program designed to analyze white space and uncover opportunities for growth


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Find out how three months of deep research and analysis can directly instigate product development.

The Nottingham Spirk PathFinder process is a rapid 3-month program designed to analyze white space areas that leverage your company’s core competencies while identifying gaps for full market potential.

Our PathFinder program results in a robust product and/or service roadmap in a given topic area. The brand innovation roadmap identifies product categories for further development, creating ongoing growth within an industry.

Research to gain insights and uncover areas for growth opportunities

The PathFinder is grounded in deep research and analysis by NS team members across disciplines. Our insights team utilizes initial research to form a baseline understanding of the industry and/or category. The design and engineering teams study competitive landscape, retail opportunities and emerging technologies. Our social media research and gap analysis reveals customer and end-user pain points and unmet needs. Collectively, this information allows us to identify white space large growth opportunities and a robust product/service roadmap.

White Space Analysis Research Methods:

  • Consumer Workshopping
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Competitive Assessment
  • In-home Visits
  • Start-up Research
  • SME Interviews
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Trends Research
  • Retail Store Audits
  • Usability & Human Factors
  • Emerging Technology Landscape
  • Biomimicry Analysis
  • Patent Analysis

The PathFinder Framework: A Strategic Growth Platform

Phase 1:

Topic Area

4 weeks

Initial assessment of company assets/strengths, organizational core competencies, market forces, emerging technologies and opportunity landscape to identify the most immediate growth topic area.

Phase 2:


4-5 weeks

Uncover, define and prioritize white space innovation opportunity areas against competitive and social landscape.

Phase 3:


4 weeks

Vet and value the top 3 concept categories regarding market potential, size and feasibility. Create product/service value-creation roadmap and suggested next steps.

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