NS Innovation Workshop

Designed to solve business challenges in a short timeframe
Nottingham Spirk Innovation Workshops

Innovation Workshop Process

  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Alignment of Objectives
  • Download on Client Business
  • NS Secondary Research
  • 2-Day Workshop
  • Workshop Summary
  • Outcomes Report
  • Next Steps

Innovation Workshops are highly-interactive sessions designed to generate fresh perspectives and new thinking.

The purpose of an Innovation Workshop is to engage an interdisciplinary team from your company with Nottingham Spirk to solve a business challenge you are experiencing in a short timeframe. The NS team will be comprised of highly experienced team members from each of our core Vertical Innovation™ disciplines, including Strategy, Insights, Design, Digital, Engineering and Sourcing.

Examples of Innovation Challenges:

  • Idea Prioritization – Too many potential new ideas? An NS workshop is ideal for vetting ideas and aligning on the best innovation to focus and invest.
  • Whitespace and IP Identification – If you need to know if your product is unique and protectable, we can design a workshop to review and evaluate the current product, explore the white space in the market and understand the IP landscape.
  • Market Opportunity Exploration – Want to take your product to international markets and need the best strategy? A workshop can focus on exploring potential market strategies, resulting in an actionable roadmap.

Workshop Outcomes:

  1. Prioritized Opportunities
  2. Team Alignment
  3. Innovation Potential Defined
  4. Roadmap for Further Development
Nottingham Spirk Innovation Workshop

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