NS Commercialization Assurance

Our sourcing and manufacturing team offers go-to-market support

Skills & Expertise

  • Sourcing and manufacturing partner search and evaluation
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Final CAD development
  • Invention disclosure
  • Final patent filings
  • Production BOM
  • Manufacturing reviews & production release
  • Final regulatory documentation & clearance
  • Packaging
  • Retail partner strategy
  • Sales pitch decks
  • Marketing plan
  • Market pilot launch

At Nottingham Spirk, commercialization isn’t the stage that follows design and engineering – it overlaps with them.

Throughout the product development process, our sourcing and manufacturing team is involved to ensure smooth commercialization. Often the most difficult transition for companies to make is rethinking commercialization, the stage roughly between engineering the product and marketing it — design for manufacture (DFM), and decisions about materials, sourcing, tooling, certifications and shipping from factory to warehouse. We often refer to it as “the last mile of innovation,” to emphasize that while it represents the home stretch, it’s as much a part of the process as ideating, insights and design.

We can source the best manufacturer for your product and budget. You can rest assured knowing that our manufacturing team will work to ensure that your final product is perfect.

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Nottingham Spirk Commercialization Program

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