Winners of a 3-Month Innovation Launch!

The winners will participate with NS + CWRU’s Sears think[box] this summer.

United Sporting Companies
Werner Co.
CWRU Sears Thinkbox Students

Students at Sears think[box] (Photos courtesy Case Western Reserve University)


Nottingham Spirk is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Nottingham Spirk Innovation Fellowship program in partnership with Case Western Reserve University’s Sears think[box] — United Sporting Companies and Werner Co. United Sporting Companies distributes an ever-increasing array of proven hunting sports products and has the industry’s largest product selection. The NS Innovation Fellowship will focus on brand evolution for a few of their core product lines. Werner Co. is the leading provider of climbing and storage equipment in the United States. The NS Innovation Fellowship will focus on a specific innovation challenge for one Werner product.

Nottingham Spirk and Sears think[box], Case Western Reserve University’s Center for innovation and entrepreneurship, are joining together to provide entrepreneurs with an exciting opportunity: The selected entrepreneurs can launch their company without the typical financial and business risks. Interested in joining next year? Read more about the program here.

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