Excerpt from Forbes article “The Invention Machine…”:The closest thing in America to Thomas Edison’s New Jersey laboratory is a decommissioned Christian Science church in Cleveland. It’s here that John Nottingham, John Spirk and their team of 70 inventors, tinkerers and support staff have cooked up the Swiffer SweeperVac, Spinbrush, Dirt Devil vacuum and nearly 1,000 other patented products. Nottingham Spirk have proven themselves as good at making money as the Wizard of Menlo Park himself.

“We’re probably responsible for more patents than any other company our size,” says Nottingham, who in 1972 set himself up in a garage with a college buddy, John Spirk. The most innovative thing about them: their model.”  Vertical Innovation™

Another excerpt from Forbes article: “There’s a famous Bill Gates quote. They asked him where does he worry about competition from,” says Spirk. “They’re thinking all these high-tech, you know, and he says I worry about two guys in a garage. So what do we do? We graduated school, and two guys moved into a garage.”

Read the Forbes Article: http://goo.gl/i9QZ94 by Dan Alexander

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