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Our approach to innovative package design

At Nottingham Spirk, product packaging design is an integral part of the product development process—from day one. Many customers have new products or ideas but need the right type of innovative packaging designs to make their products successful.

As a package design firm, Nottingham Spirk’s product package designs are critically acclaimed and revolutionary. Whatever product our clients bring to us, we commit to creating innovative packaging for them, even if it means designing something that’s the first of its kind.

We thoroughly test every product package design we develop for efficiency and utility. Our engineers and designers know how to make things work cost effectively—and we’re quick about it, too. Our team does full research and development, with the end result being backed with IP, usually in 12 months or less.

Explore our innovative product packaging designs

Check out our featured retail package design case studies below, or learn more about our Vertical Innovation™ process here.

The challenge from Axe was to create the first palm-sized aerosol dispenser small enough to reside in pants pockets.
Our packaging design innovators devised a unique blister package that allowed customers to “try” the product and turn it on.
Fridge Fresh takes baking soda out of the back of the fridge and out of the box for more effective odor control.
The Twist & Pour Paint Container is easier to ship, shelve, carry, open, pour and store, eliminating the need for traditional tin cans.
Our team developed a unique two-chamber bottle that activates SmartMouth each time it’s used, replacing the wasteful two bottle package.


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