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Nottingham Spirk knows that consumers aren’t the only people who need innovative products. The business-to-business (B2B) sector needs creative products that meet industrial design innovation demands. As an industrial product design company, we’ve created B2B products like new tools developed for particular applications, or better ways to perform standard processes. We’re here to help.

We don’t shy away from the challenges of B2B design, but instead use our experience in industry verticals to inform, inspire, and execute your industrial design innovations. From engineering a container for an electrified water cleanser to creating special ergonomic tools for every level of mechanic, we’re able to create specialized products to satisfy your company and customer needs. Our Pack H2O Waterwear Pack was recognized by Popular Science as a “Best of What’s New” product, and was a Cooper Hewitt People’s Design Award recipient.

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Check out our B2B product design case studies below, or learn more about our Vertical Innovation™ process and how we work to be the First to Market.

Popular Science called the award-winning PackH2O Waterwear Pack “an elegant solution to a problem faced by millions of people: How to transport drinking water.”
Nottingham Spirk is co-designing a revolutionary eco friendly surface cleaner that transforms ordinary tap water into a powerful cleaning agent.
Matco Tools’ re-designed exclusive line of automotive tools and service carts has helped them carve out a unique presence in the crowded tool marketplace.
Nottingham Spirk used forward thinking to help Lubrizol and Fram combine their unique expertise and create a new product line.
Our team designed a sensor faucet using our Vertical Innovation™ process to take it from ideation to manufactured product.


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