ANSYS Engineering-Simulation Software

We now offer the best-in-class engineering technology to optimize designs
Nottingham Spirk offers ANSYS Engineering Simulation

Access to resources is one of the most essential elements of Nottingham Spirk’s Vertical Innovation process. Our most recent addition is ANSYS, the best-in-class simulation technology to optimize designs quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Testing a product’s design in a virtual environment is an efficient way to drive the development process. Nottingham Spirk offers the benefits of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize designs with many iterations and improve upon a range of engineering capabilities. This leads to more innovative and creative solutions.

CFD delivers accurate quantitative predictions of fluid interactions and provides fast results for virtually any fluid or multi-physics application. FEA analyzes multiple design scenarios at a fraction of the cost and duration of comparable physical tests. Both are useful in a wide range of industries.

Simulation reduces the need for building continual iterative prototypes to test and understand behavior, resolving issues before spending time and money on physical models. The potential for savings due to shortening the development cycle can be significant, giving our client partners a competitive edge.

Above ANSYS Simulation: This part is designed to transmit torque similar to how a traditional gear would. In this example, we’re applying a rotational force to the part while preventing the teeth from moving. This allows us to see the stresses and deformations throughout the part under these conditions. We can then adjust part design and/or change part material to meet the design requirements of the product. Having the ability to analyze all these options in software prior to building physical parts allows us to further streamline our process and offer the best solutions to our client partners.

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