Vertical Innovation

Nottingham Spirk practices Vertical Innovation, where all product design and development is done under one roof to ensure confidentiality and speed to market.

InnovateMD - Nottingham Spirk Team Observing Surgery


Our expanded medical device innovation practice for innovative healthcare products.

The Business Innovation Firm™

For over 45 years, Nottingham Spirk has developed hundreds of patented products that have generated $50 billion in sales for industry leading businesses and fast-growth entrepreneurial firms. The business innovation and product design firm offers a full-service vertical innovation process, from research to product design to prototyping to consumer testing. All development is conducted at our historic 60,000 square foot Innovation Center, ensuring efficiency, confidentiality and intellectual property protection.


NOTTINGHAM SPIRK ROI: Return On Innovation™

Biomimicry, the ancient, cutting-edge science

Nature is the ultimate innovator, but learning from it requires a new kind of thinking Many creatures can change the color of their skin. Octopuses and cuttlefish can change the texture as well, ranking them among nature’s masters of camouflage. That’s why the U.S....

Musings: Where Do Ideas Come From?

We’re asked all the time, “How do you come up with new ideas?” The truth is, there’s no one answer. We’ve asked our associates for their thoughts, and we’ll be sharing them over time. The first response comes from Carolyn McNeeley, Design Project Manager. Carolyn is...

If I Knew Now What I’ll Know Then: Data-First Innovation

By Vikki Nowak This article first appeared in Innovation Leader Magazine, Issue No. 3, Fall 2016. Reprinted with permission. No one disputes the value of data. Google, Facebook, Uber, and many far-smaller companies have proven that data is a precious commodity,...

Growth Stories From Our Client Partners


“Working with Nottingham Spirk changed our business and my career. It is because of them that I’m where I am today. They helped change the culture within our company. They got us to think about the structure of the product differently.”

Adam Chafe

Vice President of Marketing, Sherwin-Williams

Huntingdon Telemed

“Nottingham Spirk was very easy to work with. They could take our ideas and expand on them and that was incredibly helpful. We had a vision, but Nottingham Spirk had the skill set to bring it to life.”

Christy Sendra

Director of Operations, Huntingdon Telemed


“The breadth of experience across multiple industries combined with highly intelligent team members under strong, engaged leadership separates NS from others in this space.”

Roy Keating

Vice President of Marketing, MTD Products

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