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Nottingham Spirk design consulting ensures innovative products get to market

95% of Nottingham Spirk’s innovations are commercialized, compared to a 5% industry average.

The Business Innovation Firm™

For over 47 years, Nottingham Spirk’s innovation consulting and product design has developed hundreds of patented products that have generated over $50 billion in sales for industry leading businesses and fast-growth entrepreneurial firms.

Our business innovation and product design firm offers a full-service vertical innovation process, from research to product design to prototyping to consumer testing. All development is conducted at our historic 60,000 square foot Innovation Center, ensuring efficiency, confidentiality and intellectual property protection.

How Innovation Consulting Works

Learn about our Return on Innovation™ guarantee in this video.


Find out what our innovation and design consulting client partners say about working with Nottingham Spirk.


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Don’t stifle your team’s cognitive diversity. Let it evolve.

We find that small, multidisciplinary project teams are more efficient and more adept at finding creative solutions than traditional horizontal handoffs between departments. But they require a different mindset. Trust is the single most essential element. All members must feel confident…


Find out what our innovation and design consulting client partners say about working with Nottingham Spirk.


“Working with Nottingham Spirk changed our business and my career. It is because of them that I’m where I am today. They helped change the culture within our company. They got us to think about the structure of the product differently.”

Adam Chafe

Vice President of Marketing, Sherwin-Williams

Huntingdon Telemed

“Nottingham Spirk was very easy to work with. They could take our ideas and expand on them and that was incredibly helpful. We had a vision, but Nottingham Spirk had the skill set to bring it to life.”

Christy Sendra

Director of Operations, Huntingdon Telemed


“The breadth of experience across multiple industries combined with highly intelligent team members under strong, engaged leadership separates NS from others in this space.”

Roy Keating

Vice President of Marketing, MTD Products

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