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We follow a user-first approach with our medical device innovation strategy.

From medical equipment giants to start-ups, Nottingham Spirk is a trusted medical device innovation design partner. Our unrivaled history in consumer product design makes us uniquely positioned to guide our medical equipment clients through the two most prevailing trends in healthcare today — rising costs and the migration of medical technology toward end-use consumers.

Above all else, our business innovation strategy is driven by feedback from patients, physicians, nurses, and technicians. Our cohesive, expert teams leverage their deep creative skills and multidisciplinary expertise to develop next generation medical devices. Constant insights are required throughout the development process, with repeated testing of concepts and prototypes to validate the final product.

This idea of taking time to research the end user and painstakingly explore the marketplace is what makes so many of Nottingham Spirk’s medical device design projects successful.

Naväge partnered with Nottingham Spirk to improve the appearance and ergonomics of a home healthcare device.
Our ViewRay design, an MRI-guided radiotherapy system, replaces the “hit and miss” of traditional radiation therapy with precision targeting of tumors.
Nottingham Spirk delivered a solution which provides improved access for imaging, refined friendly aesthetics and patient comfort.
The Urosense™ Urine Management System provides real-time data to nurses and physicians, hourly charting data, and trending history graphing.
The BTE Technologies Eccentron integrates the highly functional mechanical system into an ergonomic training unit to enhance the client experience.
Cleveland Clinic’s 360-5 Wellness Program enables the Clinic to leverage its world-class health care expertise in an entirely new retail-focused direction.


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